Session Details

What should I expect during the photo session?

Expect lots of fun, this is not your normal sit-down, “look at the camera and say cheese on the count of three” picture appointment. It will be nice and relaxed, there will be lots of laughing and talking, and many candid moments. We will be on location, and we will discuss where and what bests fits you. I shoot natural lighting outdoors, unless it is a newborn/infant or inclement weather. The best time is a couple of hours before sunset or early morning. Having three boys of my own, I know how important it is to make sure your children are comfortable with me. Sometimes that means telling cheesy jokes or giving them a lollipop (if that is okay with mom and dad, of course!). I will take my time and do whatever it takes to capture that funny face that your child makes, or that seriously sweet look in their eyes. Don’t worry parents, I will get plenty of smiles, too! The fee includes photographer’s time and talent, a fun photo session, and an online downloadable gallery. You will receive printing and sharing rights to all high resolution images. What do we wear? Most importantly, be comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable, chances are the pictures will show it. Find something that fits your own personal style and just be yourself. That being said, here are some pointers:

What to wear?

I have a pinterest segment JUST for this particular dilemma…notice there is texture, mostly neutrals, and some pops of color.

What about my HAIR AND MAKEUP?

Women, I HIGHLY recommend going to get your hair and makeup done prior to your shoot. We are talking night and day when it comes to the finished product. Please contact The Social Chair,

You can set your appointment as early in the day as needed, I promise the hair and makeup will stay all day long until your shoot.

What about my maternity shoot/NEWBORN SHOOT

I do love long maxi dresses for the maternity shoot, and just figure forming to see the sweet bump. For the newborn shoot, I provide everything needed for baby. You do not need to bring anything unless you would like to incorporate something sentimental or if it sparks joy. Moms and Dads, the more simple the better. No patterns or bright colors please.